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Morning Fog by wafagan14 Morning Fog :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 2 0 The Humblebee Cafe by wafagan14 The Humblebee Cafe :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 2 0 Solaris by wafagan14 Solaris :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 1 1 La Alhambra by wafagan14 La Alhambra :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0 Irish Wanderer by wafagan14 Irish Wanderer :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 2 0 Taliesin by wafagan14 Taliesin :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0 Tea House 1 by wafagan14 Tea House 1 :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0
Personal Ad
Male, 21, blonde hair, tall, 180 ids, looking for a platonic relationship with another individual, preferably alive.
Looking for:
Someone who is always there for me. Someone who respects my privacy. Someone who will offer advice or critique when needed. Someone who likes the things I like. Someone with differing interests who encourages me to try new things. Someone who asks for nothing. Someone to share a pack of cigarettes or gum with. Someone I can bum a cigarette or a stick of gum off of. Someone who doesn’t try to change me. Someone who inspires me to change. Someone who doesn’t insist that we split lunch bills evenly, even though you ordered the more expensive dish and had three gin and tonics to my one. Someone who knows that you’re supposed to share at a Tapas restaurant… Matthew.
Someone who is funny and solemn, optimistic and cynical, outgoing and misanthropic, independent and needy, collected and manic, certain and indecisive.
Someone wh
:iconwafagan14:wafagan14 1 0
Only You Can Save Us
Only You Can Save Us
by Will Fagan
I was milking the cow beside the barn when the old man appeared from behind the stone wall and spoke to me.
“Hello, Rhys.” The old man was tall and thin, with a long white beard and blue eyes that twinkled mischievously. He wore a long grey cloak and a pointed, wide brimmed hat.
“Who the are you?” I asked.
“I have many names,” the old man replied. “Sometimes I lose track of who I am.” He held a white wooden staff in one hand, with a blue gemstone embedded atop it.
“How do you know my name?”
“The wind tells me all I need to know,” the man said.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked.
The wizard (he was a wizard; you had to be blind to not deduce this) seemed taken aback. “Beg your pardon?”
“That sort of pseudo-mystical bullshit may fly where you come from, but I asked you a direct question, and I want a direct answer. How do you know my name?”
:iconwafagan14:wafagan14 1 0
Modern Home by wafagan14 Modern Home :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0
Inhumane Labor
Inhumane Labor
Will Fagan
“I am standing with Mike O’Connell, 54, of O’Connell Industries. What began as a small family-run farm grew into a massive agricultural industry that includes dairies, slaughterhouses, and equipment manufacturing. Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. O’Connell.”
“No problem, Miss.”
“Now, I must admit, the speed at which your company developed is shocking. You started O’Connell Industries two years ago, and today you make an estimated five-hundred million dollars a year. What is the secret to your success in so short a time?”
“It was pretty hard for most of my life, farming these here fields. For generations my father and grandfather toiled this land, working themselves to exhaustion to make a profit. Sometimes we barely broke even. It took me a lot of work to reach where I am today. I like to think it was the standard American ideal of blood, sweat, and tears. Of course, tapping into the animal la
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Art Studio Project by wafagan14 Art Studio Project :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 1 0
by Will Fagan
Eran appeared to Jesus as he was fasting in the desert. “Hot enough for ya?” he asked brightly.
“What?” Jesus asked.
“Nothing, it’s a joke,” the demon took off his sunglasses and wiped them on his shirt sleeve. “It’s really hot out here. Must be pretty miserable.”
“Not really,” Jesus replied.
“Seriously? It’s hotter than Satan’s ass out here, and that’s no joke.”
Jesus chuckled a little. “I suppose it is a bit warm.”
“You know what I could go for right now?” Eran asked. “A glass of water.” He snapped his fingers. A glass appeared in his hand, filled to the brim with ice-cold water. Perspiration ran down the glass and dripped onto the desert sand. “Like this glass right here.” He took a sip of the water and sighed. “That is quite refreshing. Want some?”
“No, I’m good,” Jesus said.
:iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0
GableBWFilm by wafagan14 GableBWFilm :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 2 0
Hello new guests! It's so nice to see so many new faces out there! If we could just stop screaming, I'll begin.
My name is Satan, and I am the head of this little place. Friends call me Steve. You may not.
As you've no doubt realized, you are in Hell. It's not much, but it's home. That was a joke to break the ice.
Seeing as how you'll be occupying my facility for the next few eons, I must inform you of a few little rules:
• Rule 1: No swearing. I run a clean operation here, so no foul language. That means to 'hell's', no 'damn's' and the like. This is a family atmosphere.
• Rule 2: When on your way to the fire pits, there is no cutting in line allowed. You will all get your turn eventually, so have some patience. All line-cutters will be punished.
• Rule 3: The curfew in Hell is 8:30. Anyone caught breaking curfew will be grounded. That is, we'll bury you alive in your own filth.
• Rule 4: Don't mess with the thermostat. We have difficulty paying the heating bill as
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Deviant ID 2 by wafagan14 Deviant ID 2 :iconwafagan14:wafagan14 0 0


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wafagan14's Profile Picture
Will Fagan
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm from North Jersey, studying architecture in Southwest Ohio. Occasionally I try writing, art and photography.

Personal Quote: "There is nothing more uncommon than common sense"--Frank Lloyd Wright


Morning Fog
Shot this picture at about 6 in the morning on my iphone and was blown away. No Photoshop, no filter. Looks almost like a Monet or Frolic Weymouth painting. I'd like to say I took great care to shoot the picture, but I just pointed and clicked.
The Humblebee Cafe
Perspective of a cafe and market designed for a lot on the Miami University (Ohio) campus. As it is meant to be a sort of visitor center for the building next door (once belonging to Lorenzo Langstroth, the father of American beekeeping), and due to its hexagonal (i.e., 'honeycomb') grid plan, I called it the Humblebee Cafe, because hah!, wordplay!
La Alhambra
"In the silent and deserted halls of the Alhambra; surrounded with the insignia of regal sway, and the still vivid, though dilapidated traces of oriental voluptuousness, I was in the strong-hold of Moorish story, and every thing spoke and breathed of the glorious days of Granada, when under the dominion of the crescent."
-Washington Irving, Recollections of the Alhambra, 1832
The end is nigh! Smother your children and cover yourself with gasoline, we've elected the Antichrist president. I'm very drunk, and very upset.
Edit: ha, 'neigh'.
Another story, a funny (if perhaps sacrilegious) story called Temptation, starring Eran the Demon and Jesus Christ! It's got swear words in it.
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